Jewelry watches as Christmas Gift

Special Christmas Gift | Ladies Jewelry Watches

The most suitable presents indeed come in most miniature cases. Every man feels more refined in elegant jewelry and every woman bolder with the appropriate watch on her wrist said by Peter Wilson in Cleveland.

Let’s explore stunning jewelry watches as a Christmas gift for ladies with Peter Wilson in Cleveland.

1. Wristlet Watch

For that regular jewelry-wearer, a wristlet watch is the most high-grade way for her to subtly attach her timepiece to common accessories says Peter Wilson in Rocky River. A wristlet watch has an extra elegant, jewelry-like band than the most utmost watches. Some wristband watches have chain-link straps, gemstone-accented bands, or cuff-style bands. While purchasing, make sure you have an idea of her style so you can obtain a watch that matches her peculiar taste.

2. Serpenti Double Twist Watch

The wraparound Serpenti style watch is one of the amazing Christmas gifts that you can give to a lady. It is utterly compelling and built out of stainless steel with a quartz movement and Roman numeral markers, this is a perfect piece that will stand the test of time. 

3. Vintage Watch

Whether she swings vintage style during her wardrobe or simply likes gathering vintage valuables, a vintage watch is assured to satisfy the antique-lover on your list. Shop for vintage watches with characteristics such as quilted leather watch bands, orthogonal watch faces, and tangled decoration. If you want to go the vintage collector’s route, look for more traditional models of luxury watches like Rolex, Citizen, and Movado.

4. Rose Gold Watch

The rose gold is all the rage, and if you’ve noticed she adores rose gold emphases in her accessories, then a rose gold watch will be best up her alley. These watches can be jauntier for the contemporary fashionista. And also smooth and streamlined for the girl with a timeless look. Labels like Michael Kors, Burgi, and Fossil have understood the rose gold look, offering styles with and without jewels and different bandwidths.

5. Charms Watch

Blow yourself to a watch that serves as a severe piece of arm candy. This bracelet timepiece by Van Cleef & Arpels hybrid will do the trick, with a charming detail on the side and diamonds throughout. 

Final Words

According to Peter Wilson in Rocky River – a Certified Gemologist at Howard’s Jewelry Center in Cleveland, these were some of the stunning jewelry watches that you can gift to your ladies as a Christmas gift. For more information regarding any type of jewelry, one can contact us by leaving a comment in the section below. 

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Ruby Stone Astrological Benefits

Top Most Astrological Benefits and Effects of Ruby Stone by Peter Wilson

Ruby stone is stated as the king of gemstone and is linked with the Sun, the king of Zodiac says Peter Wilson in Cleveland from Rocky River. Ruby is also recognized as “Manikya” (commonly known in India) as a valuable gem, and anyone can get attracted to it. It has spiritual power and is linked with true luxury. The Sun is stated to be the nurturer, gives indispensable energy to everyone and is also the soul of Kalpurusha. Natural Ruby is more costly than a colorless diamond and is also known as July birthstone according to the tradition in Western Countries.

Let’s explore the benefits of wearing a Ruby stone with the Gemologist, Peter Wilson in Cleveland.

1. Be active with Ruby Stone

One of the most influencing Ruby stone benefits is its inclination to clear the mess. It makes the wearer alert and active. The personality bearing ruby gets a vivid mind and finds the route to their aims clear. They can adequately concentrate on their work and can definitely achieve their plans. According to Peter Wilson in Cleveland, if you are encountering this type of difficulty wear ruby. You can effortlessly buy this gemstone online.  

2. Be a Leader

Be a chief with a ruby stone. Now is the universe of competition where everyone necessitates to be a leader. It is concluded that ruby wearer gets leadership qualities naturally. According to prophets, characters who wear ruby get excellent assistance from professionals in all fields. So, if you desire to become a leader, ask a prophet and purchase ruby gemstone online or offline as per your decision.

3. Get Rid of Skin Problems

Ruby helps in improving various types of skin problems if the Sun is suitably sustained. By wearing Ruby as a gemstone, it also benefits in boosting up the confidence linked intricacies. Attempt to wear the gemstone with suitable carat, weight, size, and shape. This would enhance one’s destinies. Also, it strengthens the presentiment capability of a person. It also makes the person very strong and fearless. The intensity and heat of Ruby is said to revitalize the system of an individual who is inclined to inflation and is lackluster. Thus, wearing such a native can help a lot in such cases.

4. Helps against Bone Problems

According to Peter Wilson in Cleveland, this gemstone ordinarily makes the bones more robust. If someone is experiencing Bone’s related intricacies then advising Ruby is the most suitable solution. Also, the Ruby Gemstone rings help exceedingly for those who serve in the departments of pharmaceutical, Electioneering, cloth trader, geologist, attorney, stockbroker, and engineering. If someone is challenging financial issues or business problems then wearing a Ruby Gemstone ring will undoubtedly invite prosperity and abundance in their life. Also, Ruby stone should be worn by the couples who are confronting difficulties in their relationship, it will inevitably going to make differences in their life. 

Final Words

Earlier or in ancient times, only personalities with tremendous authorization and command such as kings used to wear this gemstone. But now, as per astrology if a personality wants to achieve high growth and economic profits, he/she is instructed to wear it. Wearing it, the person can experience all the luxury and mundane things in life.

According to Peter Wilson in Rocky River – a Certified Gemologist at Howard’s Jewelry Center in Cleveland, these are some of the benefits of wearing a Ruby Stone. For information related to other gems, one can leave a comment in the comment section below. 

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Top Jewelry Designers

Peter Wilson in Rocky River | World’s Most Famous Jewelry Designers

From ancient times to this modern era, jewelry has made its own importance and trademark. It has perpetually remained a part of mankind’s antiquity and continues to be so in the present. Today, vintage, classy, and timeless style is the unique trademarks of the top jewelry designers. There are numerous jewelry designers in diverse countries around the world, but not all of them can be recommended.

So herewith Peter Wilson in Rocky River – a certified Gemologist, let’s explore the 5 famous jewelry designers from around the world.

1. India’s Bansri Mehta

India’s name comes in the top of the list whenever the word jewelry designers is heard. The country was the first place in the world where diamonds were mined. Also, it has the deepest perpetual legacy of the jewelry-making of any region. The company Bansri Mehta was opened because the owner of the company was fond of traveling and art. The company first was into fashion designing, but lately, they started making jewelry that could be easily affordable by the common peoples. The popular piece of jewelry that they are making for years are Gold Plated Emerald Collar Tribal Necklace and Floral Pattern Bodychain says Peter Wilson in Rocky River.

2. Mexico’s Caralaga – Jewelry Designers

This jewelry house in Mexico makes jewelry that represents nature. The materials that the company uses to design the jewelry are natural fibers and raw material in their natural form that are sourced locally. All the jewelry designs that the company makes are handmade. Their art for jewelry can be seen through there handmade necklaces and earrings. 

3. Mali (and Brooklyn’s) Double High Five

This company was founded by Chloe Thompson, a person who loved traveling and was fond of studying. According to Peter Wilson in Cleveland, the material that these jewelers use to make jewelry is recycled rubber. The experts of this company have too much passion that they can even make cool bracelets and other kinds of jewelries from the rubber shoes. Such a dynamic class of jewelers makes a perfect sense of business. The classic mixed black and white and the classic mixed multicolor bracelets made in mali are the perfect designs of jewelry from this company.

4. Kenya’s Adèle Dejak

Adèle Dejak is situated at the bottom of Kenya. It was constructed to remind the women that they are beautiful and elegant. These jewelry designers use environment-friendly material to design jewelry. The same kind of recycled material that was used in ancient times to design the ornaments. Also, these designers have high visibility across Africa and have even partnered with Salvatore Ferragamo. The designs that they make are unique and are loved by all. For example, a piece of jewelry named as Lunaranne Earcuff adds edgy addition to any outfit. Also, the Dhamani Maureen necklace, a solar system of 8 folded brass wires with the various origin and finishing points.

5. Morocco’s Moroccan Birds

This company was founded by the two sisters who had a great passion regarding art and jewelry. The idea of creating Morocco’s Moroccan Birds came to their mind from childhood when they used to play with their mother’s magical jewelry box. Today, both the sisters are leading the company in a well-mannered form. The jewelry that makes them different from others is the bracelets that are made up of beads and baubles. The main aim of this company is to show the love of Morocco to the rest of the world.

Final Words

According to an expert and a Certified Gemologist – Peter Wilson in Rocky River these were the 5 famous jewelry designers from around the world. And these designers make vintage, classy, and timeless style jewelry products.

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antique jewelry cuts

Peter Wilson in Rocky River | Defining Antique Diamond Cuts

Tracking the history of the antique diamond cuts may sound interesting and may tell you a lot more about the diamonds. In the early times, the diamond was rarely used in the jewelry and was indicated as a sign of royalty. It was well-known for its natural polished form.  Also, the antique diamonds cannot be equated with the modern diamond because at that time it was kenned for its radiance and luster, not for its sparkle.

Let’s explore the history of the Antique diamond cuts with the expert Gemologist, Peter Wilson in Rocky River.

1. Point Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut was one of the most prime pointed diamonds, which was frequently referred to as a Writing diamond. It was well-known for its original and inherent octahedral (eight-sided) appearance which was polished, not cut. In ancient times, the point cut diamond seems to appear dark and dull, and was so hard that only the dust of the diamond was used to polish it. According to experts including Peter Wilson in Rocky River, this diamond cut was frequently seen to be worn by the superior peoples of Romania, and later they introduced this diamond cut to the Europeans and is one of the antique cut. 

2. Table Cut Diamonds – Antique Gift

The shape of the table cut diamond is illustrated through its name. It was discovered in the 14th century when a person observed a broken diamond that seems to appear in a flat-form, like a table. Also, it was having four downside edges similar to a table. It was well-known for its dark form. In the year 1477, it was first noticed that the table cut diamond ring was given as a wedding gift. 

3. Rose-cut Diamond

Rose-cut diamond was one of the newest and the fashionable diamond cuts that were introduced to Europe in 1530. According to Peter Wilson in Cleveland, this diamond cut was having one of the brilliant shapes and had 24 facets and a high dome. It appeared as a closed rosebud. In 18s, this diamond-cut became the favorite of all in Europe. Now after the 100 years vagueness, the rose cut is undergoing a 21st-century revival led by master stone cutters in India.

4. Heart Cut Diamond – Antique Diamond Cut

Heart Cut diamond was one of the most advanced and Antique diamond cut that were made on the land of Europe. It took a long-drawn time and effort to create this diamond-cut, because of the compact and the complex shape it. Also, at that time, the heart cut diamond was only worn by the most prosperous peoples of Europe such as Mary, Queen of Scotts. Later in 1562, the empress of Scotts gave heart cut diamond ring to Queen Elizabeth.

5. Briolette Cut Diamond

Briolette cut diamond was obtained from the Latin rose cut. This diamond is having a 3D teardrop shape with 48 to 88 facets. In 1811, this diamond cut was presented as a gift to Marie Louise by her husband Napoleon Emperor. This type of cut is one of the extreme signs of royalty.

Final Words

So these were some of the Antique diamond cuts explored by Peter Wilson in Rocky Riveran expert and certified Gemologist, who carefully examine gems and stones and make their value and authenticity. We hope you enjoyed the history of antique diamond cuts. For more information and queries regarding diamonds, gems, and stone one can leave a comment in the comment section below.  


Peter Wilson Cleveland | All About Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones love and admire by people across the world. However, most people may not know much about moonstone and its facts. What? You too? No worries, if you are one of those who love gemstones but do not know much about this beautiful gemstone and that is Moonstone.

Let’s explore a few more facts about moonstone with the gemologist Peter Wilson Cleveland.

1. Available In Various Colors

Most people may believe that moonstone only available in an extraordinary blue hue, but the fact is that it is available in many different colors as well. These include blue, yellow, pink, peach, gray, cream, etc.

2. Moonstone Consist of Healing Properties

Like any other gemstone, moonstone also consists of healing properties which are usually related to an individual’s specific condition. These properties include balancing emotional state, inspire creativity, boost an individual’s intuition power, increase confidence, and relax the individual’s mind, body, and soul. Not many people know about its properties and benefits, but those who know are availing the benefit of this gemstone.

3. Moonstone Consider As a Tool since Ancient Times

Back in history, people consider moonstone as a tool to inspire deep passion between lovers. In fact, according to them, moonstone also possesses the power to predict the future. According to the experts including Peter Wilson Cleveland, an individual can read his future if he put this stone in his mouth while the moon was full.

Furthermore, the ancient Romans and Greeks believe that it brings good fortune to the owner and it was created from bits of the actual moon. They observed the transformative healing properties in moonstones. Since ages, moonstone has been used to make necklaces, bracelets, and other ornaments.

4. Moonstone Comes From Different Parts of the Globe

Almost everyone knows that there are birthstones available for each month, and each birthstone comes from a different part of the world. When we talk about Moonstone, it comes from a little bit of everywhere. It has been mined in Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Madagascar, Switzerland, and India. However, you will find the colorful version of moonstone only in India. In the rest of the countries, you will find moonstone in white color only.

5. Moonstone Consist Mystical Power

mystical power in moonstones

Most people may not know that the moonstone also used in Ayurveda medicine and other crystal healing methods. Ayurveda medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicines in the world. You may or may not know that it is primarily practiced in India. Also, many practitioners practice in this medicine in the USA as well.

In fact, according to many practitioners including Peter Wilson Cleveland, this stone not only consists of healing power but also consider as feminine in nature. And this is because it is connected with the lunar cycle which controls a woman’s cycle. And as a result, it’s considered as a useful tool to evaluate female disorders, including:

•    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms

•    Bloating and pain experienced during the mensuration

•    Smooth pregnancy and childbirth

Final Words

So, these are the few facts about moonstone that most people may not aware of. If you want to know more about gemstones, you can read the blogs of the gemologist Peter Wilson Cleveland. Or for any query regarding gemstones or moonstone, you can write below in the comment box.

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gemstones facts

Peter Wilson Cleveland | Things you Didn’t Know About Gemstones

A passionate lover for things and ideas is always hungry to know more. Many people around the world claim that they love gemstones to such an extent that they like to collect them. However, being a gemstone lover is not a big thing, if you do not crave to know more about it. According to many qualified gemologists including Peter Wilson Cleveland, there are many facts about gemstones that most people don’t even know.

So, let’s explore a few unknown facts about gemstones with the expert gemologist Peter Wilson Cleveland.

1. The discovery of gemstones is too old than you’d think

discovery of gemstones

Do you know who the first to carve minerals into jewelers were? Maybe, according to some of you, the answer would be – The Babylonians or The Egyptians. Well, your guess is wrong as a skilfully carved bracelet of green-hued chlorite discovered in Siberia. And according to experts including Peter Wilson Cleveland, it is around 70,000 years old and. Even they believe that it has been made by an early extinct human species with the name- the Denisovans.

2. The different beliefs of our ancestors about gemstones

For instance, if you take about amber, Vikings used to believe that the tears of goddess Freya became amber after they fell down to the ground. Whereas if you consider the thought of the ancient Greeks, the amber was solidified sunlight.  In fact, in ancient China, the thought was that amber is the earthly form of a tiger’s soul.

3. Some gemstones really were once alive

Opal forms in corners and holes from the amount of material left behind by silica-rich water.  In some cases, this process happens within putrefying material such as wood and bones.  In the year 1987, in South Australia, the opalized skeleton of a pliosaur was dug. At present, ‘Eric’ is displayed in the Australia Museum, together with the opalized fishbone found in his stomach!

4. Few gemstones have special properties

alexandrite gemstones

You may find few gemstones that display stunning and unusual optical effects, they are popular as phenomenal gemstones.  Most gemologists including Peter Wilson Cleveland, love the stone Alexandrite that contains the property of changing the color. It usually appears red under luminous light and green in daylight.  Besides, in gems displaying asterism, you may find star floating across the surface. And in those with chatoyancy, if you focus on the ‘floating’ image, you may find it like a cat’s eye.

5. Some gemstones are hard to find

painite gemstones

You may or may not know that there are around 4,000 or so minerals were identified. However, only a small percentage are categorized as gemstones.  The rarest form of gemstone of all is painite, which is a deep brownish red gemstone available particularly only in Myanmar (Burma). The gemstone painite is named after Arthur Pain, the first gemologist who discovered it.  The most important fact about the painite is that since its discovery, it is unsuitable for cutting. Therefore, only a few of facted painite gemstones exist worldwide.  Maybe this is the reason why Painite can raise up to 60,000 dollars per carat.

6. Diamond still rank on the top

No doubt Painite is one of the rarest, but the most expensive and desirable gemstone ever sold is the Pink Star Diamond. The weight of this internally flawless pink diamond is approximately around 59.60 carats and was excavated in South Africa by De Beers.

Final Words

So, these few main facts about top best gemstones that most people may not know and must be curious to know. Therefore, the famous gemologist Peter Wilson Cleveland has shared these untold facts about your favorite – our favorite gemstones.

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